July 2008 Extreme House Makeover
Extreme Home Makeover
West Chester, Ohio
July 2008

Ty, Ed, and Therapist Carrie and Sally

SMA Kids present include Emma, Nick, Alex, Haley, and Chase
July 12, 2008

The crew was checking out a theraputic pool because of the new pool at the Extreme Makeover Home

The OKI Chapter had many dedicated volunteers working to accept donations for tee shirts and especially for the ice cold water.

There were thousands of viewers for five days before the "Reveal." The temperatures were in the 90's most days. Many people suffered from the heat and required first aid.

There was no parking allowed at or near the building site, and no walk-ins were allowed. Viewers had to take a shuttle bus to the site. Interest in the project was so high that a 2 hour wait for the bus at both ends was not uncommon.

Sometimes, the show's producers would entertain the crowd with cartoon characters. Occasionally some on-camera folks would come to meet people and sign autographs.

Rosemary with Kenneth Hobby, Executive Director for The Families of SMA.

Here's Heidi who had an Extreme Home Makeover in Medford, Massachusetts